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Releasing on Flying Lotus’ imprint Brainfeeder, Lapalux teases his second album with ‘Don’t Mean A Thing‘.

Lustmore by Lapalux releases 6th April

A freshly cultivated sound of woozy, chugging grooves, doused in rustic textures, tape hiss and that driving vocal symphony “All that lovin’, It Don’t Mean A Thing”. Wait for the pulsing 808 bassline to screwdrive…

Electronic hero Flying Lotus snapped up Lapalux directly onto his label in 2010 for his unique style of sound construction. The support continues, with Lotus then premiering this track on his recent BBC radio 1 residency show, which you can listen to here.

Lustmore (the name of the forthcoming album) draws itself from the concepts of hypnogogia, the conscious state between sleep and wake. You really feel these narratives in ‘Don’t Mean A Thing‘.

Lustmore is due for release 6th April 2015, out on Brainfeeder

Click the Image above to stream the track.


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