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Donato Dozzy is soon to release a collaborative nine track album entitled ‘Sintetizzatrice with Rome based singer Anna Caragnano.

Sintetizzatrice will be comprised completely of Caragnano’ voice, with Dozzy manipulating it to create interesting effects through experimental sound construction. It is a refreshing concept to see this rather enigmatic & prolific techno producer branching out in this creatively curious way.


Dozzy noted that his inspiration came from his lecturer Paolo Micioni, who remarked that he had followed Dozzy for a while and felt that a key element missing in Dozzy’ work was the voice. Micioni then introduced him to Anna Caragnano, saying she was the right person for him, and they began recording

In a recent press release, it said: “Rarely can a record morph through different styles from R&B to Kosmische, through traditional Italian folk music to Fluxus styles and traditional Chamber Choir with no additional instrumentation. Just a singular, beautiful, voice. The results are simply phenomenal.”


The album is set to be released on Specturm Spools on March 30th.

Dozzy will be playing at Bloc festival in 2015. You can listen to an album cut of ‘Starcloud’ by clicking the picture above

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