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“I started Peach Discs because I feel like the time is right!!!”

Launching her new record label Peach Discs, the Chilean producer brings out an untitled release featuring two tracks.

On the A Side, things kick off with Loop One, an energetic and breezy track that holds deep emotional value. With its’ breakbeat and twinkly melody, this is sure to be a standout track of the summer, if not THE track of the summer – one can seamlessly imagine hearing this in the mighty sun uplifting the mood furthermore. Showing the prowess of the record, it could also be heard in the darkest of dance-floors as it feels like an anthem, having the same effect in clubs and festivals alike as Midland – Final Credits has done. Flip over to the B Side and Selector offers a somewhat grittier and bass heavy cut, again with lovely vocal samples.

With her first solo release in over a year, the former employee of Bristol’s Idle Hands appears to have more coming in the pipeline: “I want to release music that makes me happy, and build a little family with all my friends and friends of friends who I know are making great music”.

Words by Matthew Barlow

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