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Ushering in the UK summer, Bristol based promoters Shapes have joined forces with ‘An Evening With’ for the first time ever.

On 3rd June, Lakota and Coroners Court will be taking over, by an assortment of some of the most lauded DJs in underground music, alongside local record labels.

This will be Black Madonna’s debut performance in Bristol, with an all night set pinned by the inimitable Move D, and a 3 hour set by Ostgut Ton staple Tama Sumo.

Meanwhile locals ELA 303 will be launching their new party, ELA Acid (Everyone Loves Acid), all under a canopy of flamboyant decor and mind-altering light and sound.

1 – 
Side A
(Putting the Shapes touch on Lakota main room once again)
2 –
Warm Up: Soulworks
3 – Hosted by Sleazy Sessions

(Sex / Disco / Sleaze)

4 – Everyone Loves Acid hosted by ELA 303

Coroners Court
1 –
(Stripped back / Proper Techno / Smoke)
2 –
Tama Sumo (3 Hour Set)
Tickets available via Crack


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