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Vinyl’s surge in popularity, has made this preferred format of listening (rather sadly) a hit with the trendy and socially conscious.

However in a recent YouGov study, the market research company highlights that whilst the hipster will be riding a wave, it is actually the 45-54 year olds that are causing the tides. This age group are the most likely to have recently purchased a vinyl album.

The report goes on to say:

“Two thirds (66%) of this group say they could not get through day without listening to music, compared to 49% of UK adults in general. A third (33%) of record buyers say they listen ‘whenever they can’ compared to 25% of over-18s overall.”

The report then drills deeper into the data to pull out some rather hilarious findings, that:

Vinyl buyers are slightly more likely to both keep their feelings to themselves (56% vs. 53%) and enjoy being alone (69% vs 66%).

For vinyl to capture a truly wide audience, it will need to convince younger cash-strapped adults, with little disposable income and towering student debts, to fork out instead of illegally download, transforming buying behaviours on a global scale.

Source [FACT]

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