Fellow collaborator of Caribou and a electronic Ontario experimentalist in his own right, Brad Weber,  joins forces with director Fezz Stenton to produce this conceptual virtual reality video for ‘Still Awake’.

Stenton was inspired by the theme of sleep paralysis that Weber has suffered from since the age of 18, and in turn wanted to create a meditative experiment that moves slowly. The constant forward motion of virtual reality leads you right into the void with no chance for escape. Additional features like animated lighting and atmospheric effects were added to enhance the feelings of uncertainty and the passage of time.

The video coincides with the release of Pick A Piper’s most gripping and emotional collection of songs yet, ‘Distance’ – released on March 3rd through Tin Angel Records. The record uses Weber’s extensive travel map as inspiration, and according to Weber, “it’s a great source of heartache, but also a great source of joy – trying to balance connectivity with chronically being away.”

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