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Review /\ Jimmy Winkles - Infiniti EP
70%Overall Score
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Hailing from the sleepy meadows of Devonshire farmland comes a forward thinking release by one of the Southwest’ most promising young acts Jimmy Winkles.

Signed to Rotterdam based label Midlight, frequenter of Intergalactic FM, and show-stopper on GCW Radio, Jimmy Winkles must be grinding coffee beans in his teeth to keep up with the work-load. Last week he went one step further releasing his latest EP Infiniti.

The title track is a forward thinking arrangement of loosely packed wobbles, dusty textures and glitchy computer stabs, drizzled over a poorly quantised kick drum that is fantastically live. Throw in the 4 bar vocal loop that filters it’s way throughout the track and you have yourself here a Moodymann-esque lounge track perfect for sunset sessions or that back-to-mine date.

Mark Du Mosch flips the script with a remix of the title track, which takes on a much more sinister tone, labelling this release dance-floor ready. Tinny hats accompany a driving baseline, with a sonar synth drone that echoes in the distance like some naval vessel radar.

A pretty strong release here, and thoroughly encouraging to see the UK representing from the deep south.

Infiniti is out soon on Midlight Records.


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