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Afro-beat house extraordinaire Romare has released a brand new alternative ‘club’ version of his track Rainbow to stream in advance of the single’s physical release on 21 August.

The tune is a rework of a beat found on his debut album, Projections, which was released via Ninja Tune in April this year.

The original version of Rainbow was produced in homage to the 70s disco scene. The new version adds an additional slice of house in the form of Chicago-esque hi-hats and keys whilst maintaining the original’s funky foundation.

The track, like the album, demonstrates Romare’s ability to blend different eras of 20th century African-American music into something that modern listeners can get down to.

A ‘bedroom’ version is also due to feature on the single itself as well as a yet to be released track called ‘love song’.

Rainbow (club) is available to stream below.

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